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[text]nascar_mac_demo_link.txt2013-08-12 22:48 55 NASCAR Racing MAC demo link - this demo contains cars for season '96 and new tracks
[png]gyct.png2014-02-08 17:34 3.3K 
[png]KELL_5.PNG2014-02-04 15:30 5.3K 
[png]crash_test_chevrolet.png2014-02-04 15:30 9.4K 
[image]KELL_5.PCX2014-02-04 15:30 12KFor use with PaintKit
[   ]KELL_5.PIX2014-02-08 17:34 38KCarmageddon pix texture file (for example / future use)
[zip]nascar_demo_exe.zip2013-08-12 21:31 1.7MNASCAR Racing PC demo (zip for easy use, as exe need -d switch) run nasdemo.exe -i to play