Build from box01. PIC PIC2
Build from box02. PIC PIC2
Build from both box01 and box02. PIC PIC2
Parts connected as fitted into big box03 (some space is not filled well). PIC (Build with TDC)
Box03 divided into 2 groups. PIC
Build form box03 group 2. PIC

Box04 divided into 2 groups. PIC
Temple of Flying Glass build from box04 group 1. PIC PIC2
Build from box04 group 2. PIC

Summer House with simple delivery car build from box03 and box04 groups 2. PIC PIC2

Box05 parts. PIC PIC2
Mr. Vehicle with stering, build from box05. PIC PIC2

Box06 parts. PIC

Box07 parts. PIC

Box08 parts. PIC
Box08 divided into 2 groups. PIC
Prototype 2 build from Box08 part 1. PIC PIC2
Build from Box08 part 2. PIC PIC2

Tower build from Box11. PIC PIC2
Castle Chapel build from Box11. PIC PIC2

Jumping Jack from Box13. PIC2

Power Plant from Box14. PIC2

Terrarium from Box15(?). PIC2

Dog Car build from Box16(?). PIC2 ANIM1 ANIM2

Road Train Bus build from Box17-18(?). PIC2 ANIM1
All models here (if not specified otherwise) are made by QTZ.